Redwood Jr. Soccer League

Coach Do's and Don'ts

Develop Yourself, your Players and your Families

  • Read the CYSA Team Manual
  • Take the CYSA Coach licensing courses that are required by District 2 for your team's class of play.
  • Earn your State F, E, D and C licenses in that order. Classes hosted by Redwood League are posted on our website. Classes hosted elsewhere in the District and State are posted on those websites. You can take classes anywhere in the State that the host accepts you. See the District 2 Coaching website for more info.
  • Take the USSF Grade 8 Referee class and find out that the rules have changed since when you played 20 years ago.
  • Keep yourself fit - - players learn better from coaches who can demonstrate and play
  • Establish explicit game behavior expectations for spectators, players, parents, and coaches

Set the Tone for Behavior and Team Management

  • Remember that the game is fun for most players, no matter how important it may be to you
  • Know that Referees may not be yelled at, criticized, or treated disrespectfully
  • ENFORCE explicit game behavior for spectators, players, parents, and coaches
  • Be professional . Be on time. Be reliable. Just like you want your players to be.
  • Establish communications - - email, phone #'s, parent meetings . Have voice mail.
  • Train your players to take the initiative to call in

Manage Risk to Players

  • Have at least two adults at every practice in case of player injury and for risk management
  • Have two adults with passes at every game
  • Have a dedicated team coaching bag
  • Carry a team roster in your coaching bag
  • Carry a file; stud wrenches. Carry ice, ace bandages.
  • Learn some basic trainer stuff . Know CPR
  • Know the treatment of bruises and sprains ('RICE')
  • Know the treatment for shin splints, how to tape ankles, etc.

Avoid these Behaviors

  • Touching
  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal abuse, trash talking or taunting of your own players, opponents, or referees
  • Unkind comments: 'Get in the game.' 'We're playing down to their level.' 'You can beat that girl- she's slow.'
  • Teaching or suggesting cheating or injurious techniques
  • Cheating and Gamesmanship
  • Playing a suspended player . Playing an unregistered or illegal guest player.
  • Switching players/uniforms/etc. Switching passes. Switching pass photos.
  • Paying players for performance.
  • Poaching or other recruiting violations. Permitting parents, players or others to commit recruiting violations.
  • Making unreasonable, untrue, or unkept promises.
  • Coaching more teams then you have time for.
  • Counterfeiting birth certificates, passes. Registering or using overage players.

Updated 4/28/2013